Summer school on advanced DD methods

General description

We are pleased to announce the Summer School on Advanced Domain Decomposition Methods in Milan, Italy. The event is funded by the European Mathematical Society and will be held at the Politecnico di Milano from 24.11.2021 to 26.11.2021.

The goal of this summer school is to introduce basic and advanced domain decomposition methods to researchers interested in understanding these methods, and to give them detailed insight on how these methods reduce various error components and are used in practice.
The course will cover domain decomposition methods for various problems ranging from classical stationary partial differential equations (PDEs) to time-dependent problems, passing through PDEs with high-contrast coefficients and heterogeneous problems.
The school is suitable for young mathematicians (PhD students and highly motivated Master Students), who wish to either get in touch with domain decomposition methods, as well as young researchers and Post-docs who desire to strengthen and broaden their knowledge on advanced domain decomposition techniques.

List of speakers

Tentative program

Wednesday 24.11
1. Introduction on dd methods (M.J. Gander)
2. Introduction/recap on Krylov methods and preconditioners (T. Vanzan)
3. FETI/BDDM (A. Klawonn)
4. Lab-Exercises (T. Vanzan)

Thursday 25.11
1. Coarse Space Correction 1 (M.J. Gander)
2. Coarse Space Correction 2 (V. Dolean)
3. Coarse Space Correction 3 (P. Bastian)
4. Lab-Exercises (A. Heinlein)

Friday 26.11
1. Waveform relaxation and optimized transmission conditions (L. Halpern)
2. Parareal-type methods (J. Salomon)
3. Heterogeneous dd methods (V. Martin)
4. Heterogeneous dd methods (C. Vergara)


The registration is free of fees. Participants can attend the lectures either in presence or online (further info will be available soon). To register send an email to Gabriele Ciaramella including the registration form (that you can download below) filled in and signed.

Covid regulations

The event will be held according to the latest regulations regarding the Covid situation.



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